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The Cleveland Association of Black Storytellers, Inc. is a non-profit cultural organization dedicated to the preservation and proliferation of the African Oral Tradition. As such we serve a broad community base as performance artists, workshop facilitators, artists-in-residence, teaching artists and educators, with the African Oral Tradition always as the platform.

Our mission has called us to audiences from preschool-aged to senior citizens, and we provide valuable cultural, artistic and educational supports to schools, colleges and universities, nursing and adult daycare facilities, corporate businesses, as well as other arts and cultural organizations.

We share our love of the African Oral Tradition and our understanding that it is at the root of Blackstorytelling throughout the diaspora.

CABS Message

Greetings and Welcome!

The Cleveland Association of Black Storytellers, Inc., proudly and boldly tells the stories of our ancestors and black people throughout the diaspora. These important stories that are told and re-told bring laughter and joy; they entertain and teach; they heal and they tell OUR history.

Historically, the African Storyteller played a major role in our villages by teaching our history and values in the oral tradition, and passing them on generation after generation. CABS embraces this wonderful art form to present our rich and beautiful culture.

CABS members are comprised of elders, students, mothers, fathers, librarians, artists, quilters, authors, educators and poets who are committed to persevering our stories through the African Oral Tradition. The storyteller brings to life historical figures, living legends, times gone by and a world only limited by our imaginations.

There is a story in all of us. We encourage you to find your story and then pass the story on!


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